Simply put, the spring/summer home retail buying season is over.  Kids are back in school, our focus now is toward family, upcoming political elections, and don’t forget the holidays will be here before you know it.  Purchasing that dream home before the kids start school is no longer an option.  The trend now until the end of the year will be an increase in the number of homes for sale creating even more options for buyers.  This is not the real estate market where you can mow the lawn, list the home for sale and open escrow all in the same week.  Today, qualified and approved buyers have options and are not feeling the pressure to jump at every house they think will meet their needs.

In order to separate your home from the competition, it’s important that your home shows well.  Sure, the granite counter tops in the kitchen and the subway tiles in the bathroom look great and go a long way…but showing well is so much more than a few upgrades.  Showing well is allowing the prospective buyer to visualize themselves moving into your home and making it their own – turn-key.

Full Price Buyers don’t want to think about tearing out carpet or repainting walls. They sure won’t be able to visualize themselves living in your home with dated wallpaper or borders adoring every wall. 


Do you have a home office?  If not you need to create one.  Ten years ago, perhaps a home office was considered a trend – today they are a necessity and if your potential buyer cannot visualize where they will set up their home office they will probably be passing and not making an offer on your home.  You may have to set up the spare bedroom as the home office or just carve out a corner or a quiet place in the home.  I’ve seen them, successfully installed in a walk-in closet.  When designing your home office space, make sure that there is ample electricity, telephone lines, lighting (natural is best) as well as adequate ventilation and heat/air conditioning.

What area of the house will the prospective buyer visualize themselves spending the majority of their time?  Put a lamp next to a comfortable chair and establish a reading corner.  Pull the sofa away from the wall and float them in the room, creating a designer look.  Don’t forget to use area rugs over tile or wood floors to create furniture groupings. 

It’s very important to eliminate personal memorabilia from the entire home.  If you are planning on moving, start packing now – starting with the items that make this house your home.  You never know when something is going to trigger a negative or painful emotion in a prospective buyer

The Kitchen is the center of the home and the most important space every prospective home buyer will analyze.  Put away the dishtowels, eliminate recipe boxes and cookbooks, clear the counters of excessive kitchen appliances and accessories.  Clean your windows and windowsills so that any buyer who is interested can see out of the window and into the yard.  Take down those curtains and install new wood or faux wood blinds. Remove throw rugs and update the kitchen hardware for a fresh clean contemporary look. 

Take the time to organize your cabinets.  If a prospective buyer cannot see the back of your cabinets, they’ll think there is not enough adequate cabinet space.  It’s a good idea to start packing the non-essentials to free up the room. 

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